Jensen: There’s a saying that we use on set quite a bit whenever something is, um, too big or gonna be too expensive, or it’s just gonna take too much time or something. We always say, “Well, we’ll save that for the movie.” So, ya know. When, when and if a movie does happen, it’ll be nice to actually go big and go expensive and have the big explosions and the, the big, ya know, drive up scenes and the car crashes and the car chases through the streets and all that kinda stuff. So there’s just-

Jared: And the big boy words!

Supernatural Toronto Con 2011 - Source vid

For demberly. You know why^.^





#the way Cas inclines his head to look at Dean in the second one #he’s like #’dean why are you bent over like that are you hurt dean’ #’why are you laUGHING if you’re hurt’

#seriously though #that second gif #cas just has no idea what’s going on #he has no idea why Dean is laughing and he’s just switching between looking around and watching dean #so utterly confused bending over to try and figure it #but in the end he’s like Dean i don’t know why you are laughing but i really like it and #and it fills me with happiness #Cas really is clueless #but he’s smiling because Dean happy #makes Cas happy

This makes me very happy.



#Ugh this moment will forever kill me #Literally the only moment that we see Balthazar angry #and he’s angry at Cas #and I say at because he’s more upset that the plan will probably kill Cas #then he is about the plan in question #and yet (listen up fandom) he never once belittles Cas #or yells at him #or makes him feel like he is a lesser being #like he’s useless #This is being angry #WITH RESPECT